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List of books I read last year (it's short, by design)

A list of books I read or re-read last year:

I started many more books than this. Some I extracted what I needed and returned them to the shelf. Others were short stories from collections I own or pieces of philosophy books I like to frequent.

The others, I didn't finish because they were rubbish. Padded out, poorly written, created to sell, not for art or truth or insight or usefulness. I stopped reading them because they would just rob me of time that could be spent on a book I would remember, a book that would change me.

The books I did read cover to cover I rolled in like a pig in mud. I threw myself into piles of words, buried my head in squishy paragraphs, slopped alongside sentences that glistened cool and wet in the sun. I enjoyed and absorbed these words--in some cases actively studied them--and I remember the experiences clearly.

This year my reading list may be long or it may be short, I'm not sure. I do know it will be exactly as long as the number of books I discover that are genuinely good.

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