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Reading Book of the New Sun

I recently started reading Gene Wolfe's Book of the New Sun, a sprawling piece of science fiction from the early '80s that practically defined the 'dying Earth' genre. I'm a few hundred pages in now and feel relatively confident I have a bearing on the text's cadence. Having said that, though, I realize there are 1200 more pages to go in this four-volume core series, so I could be sorely mistaken.

Some observations so far:

I rarely research books I'm reading while I read, as I greatly dislike spoilers. When trying to validate that I was reading the books in order, though, I did see several notes on forums where people urged researchers to put down the search engine and just read the book. Plenty of time to pore over details and ask questions about events later, after the main story has been worked through.

I can genuinely see why this book was such an inspiration to so many writers, especially Tchaikovsky and his Cage of Souls, which I adored.