a giant glacier lies ahead

Resolution: Stop getting hung up on choosing

Do you ever get in the mood for something strangely specific -- a book with a certain setting, a game with a certain feel, a food with just the right flavor?

I had that desire recently and spent nearly an hour trying to find the perfect piece of media to satisfy that mood. I dug through the far corners of the internet but never found what I was looking for (as vague as it was).

Then it hit me: why did I waste a full hour searching? Wouldn't I be better off grabbing something that superficially fit and just enjoying it?

I stopped, I played a similar game I already owned, and the "mood" went away. Was it satisfied? I guess. Was the mood really for that particular thing, or was it something else? Don't know. But I took action instead of waffling back and forth in that no-zone of indecision. It felt good then and it feels good in retrospect.

Why waste time looking for something perfect when something 90, 80, or even 20% similar will do the trick? Perfection-hunting has its place, but that place probably isn't researching cafes all morning to find just the right sandwich.