a giant glacier lies ahead

When it rains...

It's been unusually rainy in my corner of the world this past month. I live in a largely dry area that gets occasional blasts of heavy rain that evaporates hours after falling. Lately, though, there's been a steady stream of light fall punctuated by moments of sideways raindrops clattering at the window.

This got me thinking about our feelings on rain. When considering its impact on the local environment, most of us tend towards the positive: "Well, the grass needs it, that's for sure." When considering our lives it's a minor nuisance that grows less minor the longer it lasts: "Wanted to do some yardwork this weekend, but I guess that'll have to wait."

Then there's the individual moments when we're going from our car to a building or otherwise forced to interact with the rain. Here, of course, nobody carries umbrellas, and only people on bikes/on foot have rain gear. That dash across the sidewalk is either a fast and futile attempt at not getting wet or a resigned standard stroll that ends in countless dark spots on our clothes.

Orangutan in the rain

I wondered if the fact that we wear clothes and have accessories that shouldn't get wet is what causes our aversion to rain. Then I remembered those pictures of orangutans hiding from the rain under leaves. It's unpleasant to have your fur soaking wet (I'm assuming that's why they do it), but not as unpleasant as a rain-soaked cell phone.

I'll definitely keep thinking about this as the rain continues through the week. I'll also see if I can discover my exact feelings about the rain. I don't necessarily seek it out, but I also don't avoid or curse it.

What kind of mood does rain put you into?